Making Spaces Design provides Custom Website Solutions aimed to be affordable and easy to update for any type of business.

Our customers generally require the following:

  • A website to showcase their work to customers and bring in leads to the business.
  • As website to sell products online which has eCommerce functions.

Our Custom Website Solutions are both affordable and easily manageable in house at any time.

Some services we provide to our clients include:

Web Design

We have a team of in house Graphic designers who can bring your ideas and company to the computer screen of your customers.

Web Development
Making Spaces Design has a team of experienced programmers ready to code up your website so it functions the way you imagined it would.

We have extensive experience in a variety of different website platforms including:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Website Baker

Website Rebuilds

If your website is starting to show it’s age, we can redesign it and bring it into 2011.

We can adjust the look and feel, or put your website onto any of the above CMS systems to make it easier for you to update.

Online Marketing

SEO & PPC will bring more traffic and leads to you nice new website. Making Spaces Design work with hundreds of companies doing just that.

Facebook Design & Social Media

Making Spaces Design have designed Facebook Pages & helped many well known businesses build their social media strategy. We can help you get in front of customers in this exciting medium.

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